4 Reasons to Update Your Floors

Reasons to update your floors

Planning to sell your home?
You may not mind that your floors have gone through years of wear and tear but it really can impact your ability to sell your home when that day comes. At Victoria Hardwood Floors, we recommend installing new floors or having them refinished to attract potential buyers.

Here's a few reasons why upgrading your floors benefit you:

Attract Attention: Buyers are looking to purchase a home with minimal work required after they've moved in. Walls freshly painted and brand new looking floors are the main selling features of your house for a quick move in. Buyers look at the walls and floors to see if it'll match their furniture and not the other way around. First impression matters tremendously. Replacing your floors or sanding them down and adding a fresh stain and coat will increase interest in your home.

Increase Your Asking Price: Updating your floors is an investment that significantly increases your return. Letting the potential buyers know that you recently renovated the floors sparks interest in your home and allows you to set a higher asking price.  

Latest Trends: Whether you decide to go with laminate or hardwood floors, brand new is way more appealing to step into than to see mold, rot, water damage, gaps, pet stains, scratches, buckling or cupping floors. Leaving your floors looking worn out and damaged will give any potential buyer reasons to devalue your home from your asking price.

Healthier living: If you have existing carpet and plan to replace it, go with hardwood or laminate instead, as these do not collect allergens and moisture that can trigger respiratory health problems.